Globalization, Internationalization & Localization

If you’re already familiar with these terms, then you’ll probably find this boring but if you’re new to the field of translation, localization and globalization, it might be a good idea to read on. These terms are commonplace in the online world now-a-days and though they might seem intimidating, all you have to do is read on and you too will be a savvy web-surfer in a manner of minutes.

Localization (localisation) – “l10n”

Language localization (also referred to as “l10n”) involves translating a website, product etc. and adapting it for particular cultures, markets and regions. Localization improves the chances of appealing to and selling products in foreign markets. Localization also involves currency changes, local taxes and other local customizations needed.

Internationalization – “i18n”

Website or software Internationalization (also called “i18n”) is the process of a website or software design, which allows it to be adapted for use anywhere (the infrastructure to support multiple locales). This preparation is done once as opposed to “localization,” which is done per each geographical area.

Globalization (globalisation)

Globalization is the preparation of a company for integration into the global market. The process of Website Globalization includes the Internationalization step mentioned above, in order to adapt your website for multiple locales, and the localization step, in order to customize your website for a specific locale. Language translation is only one aspect of globalization (and possibly the easiest one)..

And now, you are ready to drop this jargon at every turn and impress and confuse people with your vast amounts of knowledge. Enjoy.