Workflow Lingotip
Over years of professional activity, we have developed a clear and simple workflow to ensure high quality, accuracy and on-time delivery. At the same time, we offer flexibility to adapt to the customer’s specific mode of operation and we can customize the workflow to meet your needs.
When a request for quote is sent we’ll issue a detailed proposal back to you within 24 hours.

Translation Workflow

Our strategy

When we receive your translation request, an email is immediately sent to the qualified translators. A project is opended in our system and a suitable translator matching the subject matter and language pair criteria is dispatched. One of the dispatched translators will start working on your job. When the translation is completed, it will be sent to our language coordinator for review (if proofreading was requested). Then, you will receive an email letting you know that the translation is ready. It’s as easy as that!
Please note that all of our translators are audited on a regular basis even when proofreading is not requested by the customer.

Unique Translations

If you require a unique translation format such as XML, HTML , JSON etc. then the result translation will be arranged in your required format, either automatically or by our Documents Coordinators.
If you have a large amount of content, and want your translation to be ready quickly, then we can split it up into smaller tasks and distribute it amongst our translators, enabling us to complete the job quickly.