Language, beyond being a means of communication, is the basis for the formation and development of human thought. Interpretation, the study of the meaning of things, has occurred throughout the years of existence of mankind. Whether it is translating concepts of ancient writings or trying to understand the hidden intentions of a modern writer or […]

The Language Paradox

The American author William Alexander described in an article he published in 2014 a frustrating process he went through that for about a year he tried to learn the French language. He writes that his mind rejected any learning strategy he tried. And when he thought he already understood something in French he tried to […]

Interpretation of translation

Translation should be neutral and impartial. The translator Norman Shapiro sees translation as the attempt to produce a text so transparent that it does not seem to be translated. A good translation is like a pane of glass. You only notice that it’s there when there are little imperfections—scratches, bubbles. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any. […]

Language and the Law

Language is the main tool used by the law. Legal arguments are based on persuasion whether in the courtroom or during the preparation stage, and the hearings make use of unique language and legal terms. The language of the law distinguishes between norms and facts, and judgment applies norms on factual reality. Whether the norm […]

Virus of the Mind

This article jumps between different topics but bear with me and hopefully it’ll call come together in the end… Language is an indication of diversity but at the same time it’s a connection to others. Diversity provides the population with immunity but at the same time rejects others. Language in general has universal elements that […]

Rationality of words

Translation is a form of rewriting that may be influenced by the translator’s views and intentions and deviate from the original; but not only translation is biased. Any writing or use of words may be affected, influenced and even cause harm. Words often have much more power than we think. Choosing certain words may be […]

The Language of Mathematics

A language is a set of symbols through which meaningful messages can be conveyed. A language can be defined as having unique symbols, with unique syntax rules for those symbols, which can be documented through writing and can be used to represent meaning in a specific context. If this is the definition of language, then […]