Animal Language

Most animals communicate with one another through sound, body movements or skin color for alerting about threats or signaling about food sources. These are complex communication mechanisms, but is it language? Animal language is not easy to decipher. And even if there were a dictionary for animal language, would we be able to understand the […]

Translation Perspective

The translation process includes reading text, processing it and then writing it differently, sometimes maintaining the literal form and other times paraphrasing to maintain the meaning of the original text. Content can be translated into another language or even into the same language using other words. Writing down thoughts is also a form of translation. […]

Body Language

Apparently, all of us, regardless of language, are transmitting messages and being an excellent speaker entails more than speech itself. The messages are conveyed by hand movements, body movements, and facial expressions, all of which are equally significant in conveying messages and influencing audiences. There are universal hand movements, such as tapping with the index […]