The Language of the Olympic Games

Despite the Corona epidemic, a year late and with a lot of uncertainty, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games started. An Olympic games event is a multinational, multicultural, multilingual gathering that attracts billions of spectators from all around the world. The term comes from the Greek word Olympias describing a four-year cycle. Beyond the sport games […]

Language and Gossip

There is nothing as delicious as hearing good gossip…. Almost everyone gossips. It comes very naturally even though we are almost unaware of when we are gossiping. More than half of our conversation time can be characterized as gossip. In most cases gossip is about people we know and only a small part of the […]

Globalization, Internationalization & Localization

If you’re already familiar with these terms, then you’ll probably find this boring but if you’re new to the field of translation, localization and globalization, it might be a good idea to read on. These terms are commonplace in the online world now-a-days and though they might seem intimidating, all you have to do is […]

Hebrew to English Glossaries

This is a compilation of Hebrew to English glossaries that you may find useful. You are welcome to send us any additions or suggestions. Computers Microsoft’s Hebrew-English glossary – Old, but still useful. Business and Work Accounting and Business – Ten basic Hebrew to English terms in accounting and bookkeeping. Financial – A list of dozens of Hebrew […]

Content is king or are we its slaves

It does not matter what business you are in, you’ll find nowadays that your businesses exists in some way on the virtual internet sphere. The method by which internet pages are ranked makes website design, SEO, and social media a jungle that most businesses are lost in. We are being told that we must write […]

Language: Barrier to Culture or Vice Versa?

Why we really don’t understand each other When people think about the language barrier, they refer to the challenge of communicating across cultures. The first story ever told explaining why people speak different languages is told in the Book of Genesis – the Tower of Babylon. The story tells about humanity speaking the same language […]

The Printing Revolution & Languages

We are in the midst of a communication revolution. There has been no precedent in history of such rapid evolution. A similar revolution, one of the greatest inventions of the previous millennium that had a worldwide impact was the invention of the printing press. The distribution of relatively low-cost books significantly increased literacy, which further […]


It is said that in order to really know a culture one must know its idioms. What is it about idioms that is so deeply connected to the culture? It is also said that the beauty of a language is influenced by the wealth of its idioms. Are there really differences between idioms in different […]


The fact that languages ​​change over time is not only learned from the distant history of the evolution of languages ​​and cultures. We all see how new words appear and change over time. Languages ​​borrow words from each other and during the process, the words change. This migration of words from one language to another […]


Language, beyond being a means of communication, is the basis for the formation and development of human thought. Interpretation, the study of the meaning of things, has occurred throughout the years of existence of mankind. Whether it is translating concepts of ancient writings or trying to understand the hidden intentions of a modern writer or […]